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RadioWavz Double Bazooka


  • Broad bandwidth
  • Almost unaffected by environment
  • Positive gain with reference to a common dipole operating under the same relative conditions up to 3.6 db
  • Greatly attenuates harmonics(almost eliminates interference!!!
  • Substantial decrease in static charge build-up
  • Non-directional. (as a inverted V)
  • Great for DX!!!

Now for a limited time only.

Buy two Double Bazooka antennas and get the third free !!!!

You can purchase on-line or through any of our dealers. Just Fax, mail or e-mail us a copy of you sales receipt with your third Double Bazooka selection. On line purchases just e-mail us what your third bazooka selection is.

The third antenna can be equal to  or less than the smallest Double Bazooka antenna.

The RadioWavz DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad banded Half Wave Antenna which can operate quite well across an entire Ham band. The BAZOOKA antenna design was developed by M.I.T. in the early 1940's for use by the US. Government as a radar antenna.  It was modified for amateur radio use around 1950 by a group a amateur radio enthusiasts.

It's basic design relinquishes the need for a  BALUN device, it is  fed directly with 50 Ohm coax.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA is 98% efficient and typically provides NOMINAL  S.W.R. readings of less than 2:1 over its designed band.

The antenna is completely insulated and sealed. Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire, this helps to reduce static build up thus reducing noise.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA can be mounted in several different configurations. Preferably  an inverted "V" configuration for optimum results, "Center elevated, with 90 - 120 degrees between the legs". Then it will have vertical polarization and will usually out perform a dipole type antenna at distances of over 500 miles due to its lower angle of radiation.  The Double Bazooka can be configured horizontally, exhibiting a similar radiation patter as a standard dipole with equally good results. If erected as a Dipole this antenna has horizontal polarization.

This is a single band antenna designed to keep radiated harmonics to a minimum. The antenna consists of a half - wavelength of coaxial line with the outer conductor opened at the center and the feed line connected to the open ends. The inside sections, do not radiate, but act as quarter-wave shorted stubs which presents high resistive impedance to the feed point at resonance and tends to cancel reactance as frequency off resonant frequencies, thus increasing band width.

A G5RV and a 20 meter Double Bazooka was set up side buy side for a comparison test. What a difference!! On the G5RV all  that could be heard was noise. Switched over to the DOUBLE BAZOOKA and started listening to a QSO in progress. In an attempt to verify the results the G5RV was put back on line. It was quickly confirmed the nothing but static was being received save for a indecipherable  QSO in the background. The test was repeated on several differnt frequencies, with the Double Bazooka out performing  the G5RV.

The RadioWavz DOUBLE BAZOOKA is made to handle even the toughest environments. The Coax center conductor is copper clad steel.  The shield is 100% so you don't have to worry about the elements. It is made to be easy to deploy, easy to use, strong and durable. The Double Bazooka antenna from RadioWavz comes in two Power options The first is designed to handle 1500w ssb/pep. Made of durable RG6. The Second and more durable version is designed to handle 5kw ssb/pep made of RG11.

RadioWavz can even make custom antenna just to meet your needs.

This antenna is great for stealth work. As it is flat black, insulated it can be placed in trees, under eaves or next to house trim even in attics. Its ends can be bent to accommodate unusual spaces.

RadioWavz offers  Double Bazooka antennas for ALL HAM bands CAP, MARS, Government and public service frequencies. If you do not see it listed, drop us a line or e-mail and arrange for that custom frequency.

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