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Folded Terminated Dipole

FTD-20 FTD-45 FTD-65 FTD-90 FTD-160 FTD-210


● Pre Tuned no measuring or cutting !!
● Easy to install
● Fantastic NVIS performer
● Great for ALE Applications.
● An excellent broadband antenna.
● Ground Independent.

The RadioWavz FTD series (Folded  Terminated Dipole)  ( FT2D ) ( FTTD ) is a broadband antenna designed for fixed station, multi-frequency applications.  It's tactical and practical.

The antenna can be mounted horizontally between two support systems, or as an inverted ‘V’ using a single central support mast.

This antenna type is widely used by military, commercial and broadcasting services.

The FTD antenna is made with extremely durable UV insulated wire.

The FTD is a wide band antenna with low SWR over the full designed frequency range: antenna tuner is seldom needed. The Radiowavz FTD product line frequently works beyond the designed frequency range.

Radiation pattern is similar to dipole with the same dimensions. It is a traveling wave antenna, which is  immune to local noise sources. This is a very quiet receive antenna. The  FTD product line  is an ideal antenna system for wide band reference antennas and for Slow Frequency Hop systems. It is also used as a high-quality receiving antenna.


Cage Code 4D5K2


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