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Veriable Folded Terminated Dipole


The RadioWavz VFTD series terminated folded dipole is a broadband antenna designed for fixed station, multi-frequency applications. The antenna can be mounted horizontally between two support systems, or as an inverted ‘V’ using a single central support mast. This antenna type is widely used by military, commercial and broadcasting services. The VFTD antenna line is made with extremely durable  UV Insulated stranded flexible wire. The VFTD series is designed to allow for variable site installation, to maximize available space.

● Maximize available space!!
● Can expand to 3.25 times its compressed size!!
● Pre Tuned no measuring or cutting!!
● Easy to install
● Fantastic NVIS performer
● Great for ALE Applications.
● An excellent broadband antenna.
● Ground Independent.


Cage Code 4D5K2


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