Sentinel Hex Beam 10m 6m Dual Band

Based on the original design by G3TXQ

Sentinel Hex Beam 10m 6m Dual Band

Sentinel Hex Beam 10m 6m Dual Band Diagram


The Sentinel Hex Beam is a  directional antenna that provides great performance and reduced size.  

The G3TXQ broad band hexagonal beam for 10 meters and 6 meters is constructed of six fiberglass arms and insulated stranded copper wire.

The Senenel series single band hex beam consists of two elements. The driven element is in the shape of an “W” and the reflector element is wrapped around the four spreaders to the back. The elements, insted of using tubes we use wire.  This reduces the need for a heavy supporting structure. The supporting structure consists of six flexible fiberglass arms attached to a base. The arms form a hexagonal shape hence the name “hexagonal beam”.

Sentinel Hex Beam 10m 6m Dual Band

Sentinel Hex Beam 10m 6m Dual Band




  • Single Band
  • Low SWR
  • No tuning required, just plug and play
  • Improved broad band response over original hex beam design
  • Performs well at lower heights
  • Handles full legal limit of power
  • Small physical foot print
  • Light enough for a push up mast
  • Symmetrical shape withstands wind better




  • Gain Peak Approx 5.5 dBi
  • Front/Back Peak > 20dB
  • VSWR Less than 2:1 across nearly all bands
  • Turn Radius 5.5 Ft
  • Diameter of Beam 11 Ft
  • Height of Beam 12″ from base to top of center post
  • Weight 10 lbs
  • Wind Load Area < 4 sq ft
  • Power Handles full legal limit


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